From executive and site leadership consulting to professional learning for educators, alp supports innovative learning models Across The United states and Canada.

Our success rests on our ability to customize our services to meet each partner's unique needs and goals. Learn more about our work in the following areas:

Instructional Development and Coaching: Personalized and classroom-embedded professional learning for educators; small to large group institutes; technology and instructional specialist development and training.

Leadership and Organizational Development: Education leader coaching, collaboration, and support; curriculum and assessment framework consulting; organizational development and planning for complex and district-wide change initiatives.

Virtual and Blended Professional Learning: Course development and integration with existing or new learning management systems.

Alternative Metrics Development: Coaching metrics and tools that provide educators with formative feedback and resources to grow their practice; customized metric development for key educator competencies.

Program Development: Education model design; educational funding/grant procurement; research and evaluation design and development.